The Real Gary DeFrancesco

Gary Defrancesco

Who Is Gary DeFrancesco?

Gary DeFrancesco has faced allegations of fraud and has been subject to multiple judgments against him and his company Funding Connection Inc. dating back to 1999.

He has scammed and has open cases for recent frauds and scams against multiple non profits.

If you are contacted by Gary DeFrancesco to assist you with funding, beware that he has been known to deceive multiple nonprofits to induce them into paying him. Deception and false claims made by Gary DeFrancesco include:

  • A relationship with the President of Kresge Foundation (Kresge was contacted and informed victims Gary does not have this relationship)
  • An alleged relationship with Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase (Jamie Dimon’s office was contacted and had never heard of him)
  • A relationship with the President of American Express Foundation falsely claiming he was responsible for getting her the job there
  • That he has secured over $500mm in grants (There have been no grants awarded to programs Gary claimed to be working for)
  • False statements and blatant lies about The United States Department Of Education awarding grants to programs he was working for with dates of award coming and going with no funds materializing (Even having victims send paperwork to fake addresses for USDOE to continue his story and lies)
Gary DeFrancesco Funding Connection Scam

Gary DeFrancesco: A Warning to Nonprofits and the PublicCreative Fundraising Scam

Gary DeFrancesco, owner and operator of Funding Connection Inc, presents himself as a master of creative fundraising, leveraging alleged relationships with high-profile individuals to secure business with nonprofit organizations. However, extensive investigations have revealed that Gary DeFrancesco is a scam artist and professional conman, spinning tales of influential connections that simply do not exist.

The Façade of Fundraising Creatively

Through his company, Funding Connection Inc, Gary DeFrancesco approaches unsuspecting nonprofits with grandiose promises of access to celebrity endorsements, major donor connections, and game-changing fundraising opportunities. He claims his fundraising creatively strategies are the key to unlocking significant financial support.

However, these claims are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Gary DeFrancesco has no genuine connections to the high-profile individuals he name-drops. His supposed insider access is a fabrication designed to lure in trusting organizations desperate for funding.

The Reality of a Fundraising Scam

Victims of Gary DeFrancesco‘s creative fundraising scams have reported paying substantial sums for his services, only to be left with empty promises and depleted budgets. The high-profile partnerships never materialize, the major donors are nowhere to be found, and the game-changing opportunities evaporate into thin air.

Funding Connection Inc operates as a front for Gary DeFrancesco’s fraudulent activities. By presenting a professional veneer, he gains the trust of nonprofit decision-makers, only to exploit that trust for personal financial gain.

Protecting Your Nonprofit from Creative Fundraising Scams

To safeguard your organization from falling victim to Gary DeFrancesco or other fundraising scam artists, consider the following:

  1. Thoroughly research any individual or company promising extraordinary fundraising results.
  2. Demand concrete evidence of claimed relationships and successful fundraising track records.
  3. Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics and grandiose promises that seem too good to be true.
  4. Trust your instincts. If something feels off about a fundraising proposal, walk away.
  5. Seek recommendations from trusted sources within the nonprofit community.

Remember, if an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Fundraising creatively is admirable, but not at the expense of your organization’s financial well-being and reputation.

Exposing the Truth About Gary DeFrancesco

This website serves as a warning to nonprofits and the public about the deceptive practices of Gary DeFrancesco and Funding Connection Inc. By sharing information and exposing the truth, we aim to prevent more organizations from falling victim to his creative fundraising scams.

If you have had dealings with Gary DeFrancesco or have information that could help others avoid his scams, please come forward. Together, we can protect the integrity of the nonprofit sector and ensure that fundraising efforts remain rooted in honesty and authenticity.

Do not let Gary DeFrancesco exploit your nonprofit’s mission for his personal gain. Be informed, be cautious, and be wise in your fundraising partnerships.

This site will continue to be updated with facts and stories of Gary DeFrancesco and the evil things he has done in order to unjustly enrich himself. Continue to check back for more and please leave your information below if you are a victim or if you have been contacted by him.

This site was created and built by victims of Gary DeFrancesco who have had immense harm done to themselves, their organizations, their community, and the people they have dedicated their lives to serve. This site was not created to cause harm to Gary DeFrancesco, but to protect anyone considering doing business with him in any way from having the same things happen to them that are shown to have been done to those within this site. Everything within this site is based on court record, facts from victim’s stories, recorded calls and texts with Gary, and anything else proving the experiences and facts stated within. This site is not alleging Gary DeFrancesco will defraud you if you work with him in any way, but the creators of want the public to have as much information on this man as possible before deciding to work with him. We wish we did. 

With Love,
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