The Lawsuits Dating Back To 2009 and Before

Funding Connection Inc has been embroiled in a significant lawsuit with the Crete-Monee school district over alleged fraudulent practices. This case sent shockwaves through the education and nonprofit sectors, highlighting the importance of vigilance when selecting fundraising partners. Yet, Funding Connection, Inc. and its owner operator Gary DeFrancesco continue to run similar scams to this day with no retribution due to a laundry list of judgments and liens against him.

In this post, we’ll delve into the details of the Funding Connection Inc fundraising scam, the role of Gary DeFrancesco, and the lessons organizations can learn from this unfortunate situation. At the bottom of this page, there will be public information on the case from a motion made along with sources and ways you can read the whole case. 

Who is Funding Connection Inc?

Funding Connection Inc, led by Gary DeFrancesco, built a reputation as a trusted fundraising partner for schools and nonprofit organizations. With a track record of a seemingly reliable network, many organizations turned to Funding Connection Inc to help them raise much-needed funds. However, the non-stop allegations against the company and its leadership have cast a dark shadow over its reputation.

Funding Connection inc

The Alleged Scam

The lawsuit filed by the Crete-Monee school district accuses Funding Connection Inc and Gary DeFrancesco of engaging in fraudulent fundraising practices. According to the allegations, the company misrepresented its ability to deliver on promised fundraising goals, misused funds raised on behalf of the school district, and failed to provide accurate financial reports.

The impact of these actions has been far-reaching, affecting not only the Crete-Monee school district but also other schools and nonprofits that had partnered with Funding Connection Inc.

Impact on School Districts and Nonprofits

The alleged fraudulent practices of Funding Connection Inc have had a devastating impact on the organizations that relied on their services. School districts, like Crete-Monee, have faced significant financial losses, which have hindered their ability to provide essential educational resources to students. Nonprofits have also suffered, with many experiencing reputational damage and a loss of trust from donors who question the integrity of their fundraising efforts.

The long-term implications of this specific case are yet to be fully realized, but it is clear that the actions of Funding Connection Inc and Gary DeFrancesco, in this case and many others like it, have cast a shadow of doubt over the fundraising industry as a whole. Organizations now face increased scrutiny from donors and partners, making it more challenging to secure the support they need to carry out their missions.

Legal Action and the “Fundraising Scam” Lawsuit

The Crete-Monee school district has taken legal action against Funding Connection Inc and Gary DeFrancesco, seeking to hold them accountable for their “alleged” fraudulent practices. The lawsuit, which is still ongoing, aims to recover the financial losses incurred by the school district and to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated in the fundraising industry.

As the legal proceedings unfold, schools and nonprofits affected by Funding Connection Inc’s actions are watching closely, hoping for a resolution that will provide some measure of justice and help restore trust in the fundraising process.

Lessons Learned

The Funding Connection Inc fundraising scam serves as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence when selecting fundraising partners. Schools and nonprofits must take steps to protect themselves from fraudulent practices and ensure that the organizations they work with are reputable and trustworthy.

Some key lessons learned from this case include:

  1. Conduct thorough background checks on potential fundraising partners, including researching their history, leadership, and track record.
  2. Request and carefully review financial reports and documentation related to fundraising activities.
  3. Establish clear contracts and agreements that outline the responsibilities and expectations of both parties.
  4. Regularly monitor and audit fundraising activities to ensure compliance with agreements and to identify any potential red flags.

By implementing these measures, schools and nonprofits can reduce their risk of falling victim to fraudulent fundraising practices and protect their financial and reputational interests.

Final Thoughts on Funding Connection Inc. and Their Fundraising Scam

The Funding Connection Inc fundraising scam lawsuit has sent shockwaves through the education and nonprofit sectors, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and due diligence in selecting fundraising partners. As the legal proceedings against Gary DeFrancesco and his company continue, organizations affected by their actions are left to grapple with the financial and reputational fallout.

However, this case also presents an opportunity for the fundraising community to come together, share experiences, and work towards building a more transparent and accountable industry. If your organization has been affected by fraudulent fundraising practices or has had dealings with Gary DeFrancesco or Funding Connection Inc, we encourage you to come forward and share your story. By working together, we can help prevent future scams and ensure that schools and nonprofits have access to the reliable fundraising support they need to carry out their vital missions.

Fundraising Scam

Board of Education of Crete-Monee School District v Gary Defrancesco & Funding Connection, Inc.


No. 08 C 4060.

April 21, 2009



Plaintiff, Board of Education of Crete-Monee Community Unit School District No. 201-U (the “Board”), has sued defendants Gary DeFrancesco (“DeFrancesco”) and Funding Connection, Inc. (“Funding Connection”) alleging: breach of contract (Count I); breach of good faith and fair dealing (Count II); conversion (Count III); and fraud in the inducement (Count IV).

Defendants have answered Counts I and II and filed a motion to dismiss Counts III and IV of plaintiff’s complaint pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P 12(b)(6). For the reasons discussed below, defendants’ motion is granted.


For the purposes of a motion to dismiss, the court accepts all well-pleaded allegations as true and draws all reasonable inference in favor of the plaintiff. Travel All Over the World, Inc. v. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia73 F.3d 1423, 1428 (7th Cir. 1996). Funding Connection is in the business of implementing comprehensive fundraising plans for school districts and other non-profit agencies. DeFrancesco was at all times relevant hereto the president of Funding Connection. In October 2004, the Board entered into an agreement with Funding Connection  under which, among other things, Funding Connection would prepare comprehensive fundraising plans and monitor all available state and local funding opportunities on behalf of plaintiff. Funding Connection guaranteed that a minimum of $10,240,000 would be paid or pledged to the Board by the end of the agreement. The Board paid $240,000 in monthly installments of $10,000 over the course of the two year agreement.

For the source of this information, public case records and to continue reading about this case please visit:

This Case Is A Similar Story To Others of Us Who Were Scammed By Gary DeFrancesco

Gary DeFrancesco has used slick talking and lies about relationships and what he is capable of doing, along with telling us how much he believes in our programs and the good work we are doing, in order to induce us into paying him for fundraising efforts that never happened. The work he put into fundraising for us was just the time it took to talk to us and lie to us on the phone. He is responsible for lost funds totaling well over $1,000,000 in 2023 alone that could have been used to help kids, people suffering in addiction, and underprivileged people needing help. Gary Defrancesco took this money for himself instead of us being able to do the good work we do in our communities.

A Word From The Victims of The Funding Connection Inc's
Fundraising Scam

This site was created and built by victims of Gary DeFrancesco who have had immense harm done to themselves, their organizations, their community, and the people they have dedicated their lives to serve. This site was not created to cause harm to Gary DeFrancesco, but to protect anyone considering doing business with him in any way from having the same things happen to them that are shown to have been done to those within this site. Everything within this site is based on court record, facts from victim’s stories, recorded calls and texts with Gary, and anything else proving the experiences and facts stated within. This site is not alleging Gary DeFrancesco will defraud you if you work with him in any way, but the creators of want the public to have as much information on this man as possible before deciding to work with him. We wish we did. 

With Love,
The Creators

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